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Spreadsheets and stiff calves

Since nothing says “I’m serious about this” like a good old spread sheet, I put together a document to track my training/sleep/food in one place and see how things correlate. This false feeling of having things under control is always soothing, especially when everything else around me goes tits up and I end up spending 26 hours in a row in my studio, working like a slave.

Sunday run recap:
50′ run + 3x 1km (rest 3′)
Distance covered:
12.04 km
sunny, 18°C- humidity 64%

The weather was amazingly nice: sunny, but with a light breeze and intense blue sky with puffy white clouds here and there. And since it’s been raining so much lately, everything is green and beautiful. There were lots of people out running or cycling and I’m starting to spot female runners!  Actual runners, not just power walkers or way overdressed high school girls shuffling with their hoodies up trying to lose weight who will be gone in two weeks.
I decided not to look at my garmin and just focus on finding a nice pace, pushing back the street with my feet, keeping my back straight and it took me very little to just get lost in the beauty of this sunday morning.
I knew I was kicking ass even without looking at my pace: I could feel I wasn’t going slowly, but my legs were completely fine and I was totally loving it, so I decided I’d slow down if I needed to, but let my legs go as they pleased.

These are my splits for the 50 minutes *high fiving a million angels*

The 1k repeats were run in 5:50 – 5:44 – 5:29, which I’m really pleased with

Tuesday run recap:
30′ run + 6x (100mt skipping, 100mt knee high, 100mt butt kicks)
Distance covered:
6.8 km
sunny, 11°C- humidity 94%

Drills were tough. Kicking my own butt for 100mt qualify as the longest 100mt I ever ran.
At some point I was making little whiny noises while doing drills (imagine a piglet squealing. Creepiest thing is that I didn’t realize I was making such noise for a while), but I completed the whole thing, which made me super proud. Spent the rest of the day drunk with endorphins and woke up this morning with wooden calves *ouch*

Trying to decide whether to run tonight too, since I’m not sure I’ll be able to do that tomorrow, and friday might be too close to sunday’s 10k

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  1. Eep! So happy you’re blogging again!

    Julia 2 years ago
    • In Reply to Julia

      I was missing it too, so it’s time to set my priorities straight :)

      Sara 2 years ago

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