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The time I didn’t go to Mauritius and ended up loving it

Long story short: right before going to Bologna to attend my Up&Running retreat before the JJ running festival I wasn’t going to run, I received a phone call telling me my week in Mauritius had been cancelled due to the insanely bad weather. Oh well.
So I was overworked, tired and sleep deprived for no reason.
I really wasn’t in the mood to go meet a bunch of women I didn’t know and while I was crying in the car (because when I’m tired I turn into the biggest baby in the world) I was considering turning the car and just go back home and spend the rest of the week sleeping.

I’m so happy I didn’t, though.

We completely took over a bed & breakfast in central Bologna, and when I got there there was a bunch of smiling people already chatting. It took me only a few minutes to shake away the funk and start enjoying the experience.

(the last photo of me and Cate running was taken by Shauna and I totally stole it from the Up&Running facebook page)

On friday morning we got to attend a bootcamp in the park with Julia: warmup, running drills, yoga, 1km test and we also got to have ourselves filmed while running. Apparently I bounce like a spring instead of going forward -which is what running is supposed to be.
Talk about wasting energy in the wrong direction: story of my life!

Friday night we had our own private pasta demonstration at the B&B. I can roll my own tagliatelle, but the guy was AMAZING.


and this is Tessa giving it a go: germans, dutch and americans can really work it!

an aerial view of people waiting to eat their humongous pasta dishes

The room I shared with Cate was really beautiful. Even more so when we found out she could go totally ninja and disguise herself almost perfectly: she’s one pair of pink trousers away from total invisibility

we also set up a little photoboot in our room, resulting in a bunch of very silly pictures

Every single person I met I fell in love with. The only possible explanation is that Shauna and Julia drugged our water, which is totally fine with me.

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